Nice! I received this water-stained carboard box today. Inside is an brand new spare part that probably hasn't left this box since 1964. I've been looking for this for over a year and had pretty much given up - then this turned up on ebay and I got it for 10€. I'm pretty happy, cause now I can finally fix that damn machine. (1/2).

The machine is an trigger oscilloscope from 1965, and the part is a picture tube. The oscilloscope is a tube machine - not a single transistor in there, but 13 tubes! Back then it was a "portable service oscilloscope" - it's massive and weighs over 15kg. Nowadays a cheap microcontroller can easily outdo it. Not really sure what I'm gonna do with it when it works. πŸ™ƒ (2/2)

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Swapping the tube was even harder than expected. But it works! Well, somehow. Most controls don't work and the trigger doesn't really...trigger. But that's likely the first time in a long while it has actually done anything. The last calibration seal on this thing is from 1975.

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Maybe today is a good day to post oscilloscopes. This is also mine, and on permanent loan to @maschinenraum (realistically I'm the only one to use it anyway). I love that I know its history - it was used to calibrate the read/write heads on the mainframe tape storage of a nearby company. Still has the "state property" sticker. I got it from a old guy who worked there and just took it home when they scaled down & fired half of their workers after the reunification. Fuck capitalism and all that.

ok, last oscilloscope for today (it's not like I have more, I'm not *that* crazy). I bought this over 10 years ago, I needed a scope and it was cheap (it had some problems). I was lucky, it's a nice model with some useful features, and it just works. I use it for work, projects & stuff. I used to carry it everywhere when I held workshops, which is super annoying (it's really big and heavy) - that's why I eventually just got a seperate one for the hackspace. πŸ˜„

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@aurora @maschinenraum I don't have one anymore. I gave my last one to a home school society to demonstrate math functions along with a signal generator.

@kay absolut! deswegen mag ich das teil auch :) ich habe aber trotzdem mehrere jahre gebraucht um die meisten funktionen auch nur ansatzweise zu verstehen, am anfang habe ich einfach dran rumgedreht bis was angezeigt wurde πŸ˜…

@aurora nice scope! workers taking their tools after being let go is a proud tradition, the book "outlaws inc" was a fun read about former soviet pilots doing same with their airplanes

@bonzoesc taking things even before being let go is also a proud tradition. in 1981 honecker, leader of the gdr, held a speech urging the workers to "get even more from our companies". what he meant was to produce more. however, the wording was very ambiguous, so a free interpretation was "steal all the stuff from your company". which workers did. after all, the president told them to. πŸ˜†

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