warum fällt das haus auseinander, ist es sanierungsstau oder sind es cute kleine vögel

die machen auch löcher in den putz und zerlegen fensterrahmen

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amazon-geschenkkarten-scams waren gestern, wir sind jetzt bei...äh...briefmarkenbögen-scams? was verstehe ich hier nicht? :blobfoxthinking:

good thing is that after scrubbing the front panels and the chassis lids in the bathtub, the cigarette smell is mostly gone. also, i like cleaning vfds, they alway looks so crisp and sharp after cleaning off the decades of dust. :blobfoxaww:

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so. cd works after cleaning the laser. that thing was dirty. cassette works after replacing 2 secondary belts (mostly the one for opening the lid. who the hell thought electronically controlled lids were a good idea.) & cleaning switches. amp works after cleaning the relay contacts.

but of course that would've been too easy. after reassembly i realized the damn fm tuner doesn't work in stereo, just mono. i hate tuners, i have neither the tools nor the patience for this bullshit :blobfoxcry:

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i was going to leave this on the trash, but then i felt pity for it and packed it up anyway. i mean, it still has the warranty cards! :blobfoxlaughsweat:

anyway, none of the components work right, awesome :D but it's just minor things, amp has a sticking speaker relay, tape has slipping belts, cd skips, probably just needs a laser clean, the whole thing was super dusty

...unfortunately that still doesn't solve the problem where it smells like stale cigarette smoke. :blobfoxteaglare:

i mean we already ordered 1t of coal from rwe's wonderful hole in hambach, but we can still cancel if we somehow find another source of warmth :blobfoxeyes:

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anyone wanna help me save coal by cuddling with me? you know, for the environment :blobfoxuwu:

the prevalence of pride flags in seemingly every liberal flat leads to me alternating between feeling like a rebel or a outcast for apparently being the last queer person refusing to own one :blobfoxeyes:

wenn ich mich schlecht fühle gehe ich immer auf wg-gesucht und schaue mir an wie studis ihre zimmer einrichten und dann denke ich mir "wenigstens lebe ich nicht so" :blobfoxeyes:

i don't want nationalist peanut butter, i just want peanut butter, but no, can't have that because every german supermarket has to have a giant print of the us-flag (or even the damn confederate flag, though this has become less common over the last few years) on the jar while the small print says "argentinian peanuts, produced in the netherlands" :blobfoxtableflip:

the car industry is the royal family of Germany

finally tracked down an intermittent dropout issue on a tape deck to the wires on the speaker cone. weird, never had that before, but they were somehow rusted through.

a new speaker isn't an option, where would you even find this weird size. it's just a 9,52cm/s mono deck, not really hifi anyway, so...repair it is. closest wire replacement i could find was solder wick (shouldn't have thrown out all those fried speakers). works fine. :blobfoxlaughsweat:

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