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never did an , so why not:
- Aurora or Zelda
- she/her
- anarchist / trans* / pan / vegan / late 20s
- not really good with people, but tries her best
- sort of good with hardware, electronics, analogue audio, industrial machinery, engines
- likes cooking, knitting, gardening, photography, hyenas
- might one day overthrow the government
...thats the basics, kind of. :black_block_blob:

weird trans stereotypes (also transphobia) 

so a month later, i think i've got this figured out: she's constantly watching these terrible shows with drag queens and apparently she's lived in a queer (gay) houseshare when she was studying in the usa and liked "the atmosphere". apparently she wanted me to move in because she expected a sassy drag queen. and now she's disappointed that she got a angry anarchist butch translesbian instead. and she hardly talks to me anymore and kinda ignores me. (272)

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weird trans stereotypes (also transphobia) 

so i might be wrong about this, but i fear i'm not.
i live in a small university town that hardly has any queer people. i had a hard time finding a new flatshare, apparently trans people are icky or something. so i was happy when i finally did find one. but uhh...over the first few weeks i started to feel like one of my new flatmates was kind of too enthusiastic about me being trans. like randomly telling me about her favorite drag queens and shit. 1/2

digitale lehre: dozenten verlinken pinterest als quellmaterial in moodle
läuft bei denen

just finished cleaning up when another part came down. landlord was like "yeah it's an old building, things like that are bound to happen. we're sending someone to fix it in the next days". oh great, i feel like you're doing fantastic things with my rent.

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hello world! this account will post status updates during maintenance or outages for services like and

so i've been feeling really shit the last few days and thought i'd try to change that today. you know, clean my room, finally wash my hair, meet with friends. and then part of the bathroom ceiling collapsed while i was taking a shower. ALRIGHT, I FUCKING GET IT, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY.

now i kinda wanna do a translesbian remake of "the bridges of madison county". just to fuck with my film teachers.

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missed the slot with the really nice weather, still took a small tour through the countryside. saw meandering rivers, lush forests, idyllic villages, covered bridges, know, all the things thuringia is famous for.

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i might own way too much useless stuff, but maybe one day i might really need a cute little folder for my 5,25"-floppies, you never know

well, that's fucked. but now it's fixed. and the weather is nice, and now i have a working scooter! i'm gonna go somewhere, i guess.

i think every machine needs more random instrument clusters

now i just need to figure out a way to install that router permanently.

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putting a router on the windowsill and connecting to a freifunk node two houses away is still faster and more stable than using the vodafone internet of the flat. that makes sense.

ok, look, i don't like air pollution and wasting resources, but today i saw someone start a soviet t-34 tank engine and that was pretty fucking cool. and loud. and smoky. also, driving the kind of vehicle that uses a t-34 tank engine is pretty cool (it's a giant rotary snow plow zil-157 that the red army left behind in 89. completely useless, we haven't had the kind of snow to necessitate that thing in years. or rather decades.)

i'm enrolled at art university and there are hardly any queer people here. i feel lied to. where did i get that stereotype anyway.

not only this, they also rebuilt many police stations afterwards. the buildings are now more "transparent" so people can actually see what the cops are doing:

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random information: in 2005, the country of georgia fired almost all of its police force. at once. the whole institution was just deemed unsalvageable (corruption, abuse of power, you know). they then rebuilt the whole thing. the country got by just fine without police for some months. there are several studies on the results, apparently it worked out pretty well:

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