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never did an , so why not:
- Aurora or Zelda
- she/her
- anarchist / trans* / pan / vegan / late 20s
- not really good with people, but tries her best
- sort of good with hardware, electronics, analogue audio, industrial machinery, engines
- likes cooking, knitting, gardening, photography, hyenas
- might one day overthrow the government
...thats the basics, kind of. :black_block_blob:

Lena Stoehrfaktor 🎶 :black_block_blob:
schöner politischer, feministischer deutscher Hip-Hop - habe ich aufm leider verpasst, aber zum Glück hat es eine LP in unsere WG geschafft ;)

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femme/butch safety cops /blackness Show more

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oddly enough, the neighboring city of also has a clock, this one was a present from the computer factory. it's design is very 80s. also, it has a computer, so it plays a 8-bit jingle every full hour. and the dedication was never removed, a lot of people there are still proud of the days when there still was an industry and the city was relevant.

more socialist public art! a lot of places had installations that were made by the local state industry and showcased their connection to the city. had a clock factory - so they got a clock, obviously. it's a really nice mechanism, it displays world time with a spinning cylinder, and has displays for temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity. the city removed the badge with the dedication after the reunification (socialism!? that never happened!), it was only put back last year.

i went to a park 7km from here and made friends with a weasel. or maybe it wanted to eat me, i'm not sure. i never saw one before, they are really cute! 😄

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good morning, the reason you're infatuated with Japanese Neighborhood Aesthetic so much is because every picture you've ever seen has no on-street parking

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todays movie for night was "Петля Ориона" from 1980. It's...weird. The script was co-written by Alexei Leonov, the first human to take a spacewalk (in 1965). So if it was written by a real cosmonaut, it should be realistic, right? No holograms of giant eyes floating through space, no proofs of ancient aliens in Tibet, no secret 10th planet in the solar system, right? Still, it's a nice movie and I can recommend it:

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Weil das mit der Trennung von Kirche und Staat in der BRD schon immer top geklappt hat, gibt es hier die Liste von Filmen, die heute nicht öffentlich gezeigt werden dürfen:
Also werden wir heute zum Filmabend garantiert keinen Film von dieser Liste zeigen. Gaaaanz sicher.

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this company claims this smart clothespin will "revolutionize" how you do laundry and I say we pass a binding resolution at the UN that no companies anywhere are allowed to use "revolution" or any version of that word ever again.

nice music for nice weather:
czechoslovakian psychedelic jazz-rock from the 70s is a genre you probably never knew existed 😄

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Feminist graffiti/Fiat billboard (1979), iconic feminist photograph by Jill Posner #womensart

in 2013 it was ripped off its pedestal, dragged away, and abandoned nearby. the police seized it, and disappeared from the storage area. it was probably stolen and sold as scrap metal, or the city took the chance and finally got rid of this financial burden. who knows. they left the pedestal with the foot, basically creating a completely new piece of art: socialist realism turned into conceptual art. (2/2)

i like art in public spaces, especially if its context changed over time.
todays exhibit: the foot. this used to be a bronze statue of a female gymnast, standing in front of the gym next to the former "polytechnic secondary school". in socialist times it was a usual practice to place statues like that as a sort of motivation, to showcase what could be. after socialism...well, things didn't look so good. the statue was vandalized often, but always restored (eventually). (1/2)

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Wenn Tampons in einer Buchhülle verkauft werden, fallen nur 7 Prozent Mehrwertsteuer an. In der üblichen Pappschachtel sind es 19 Prozent MwSt.
(Übrigens: Champagner und Kaviar sind auch nur mit 7 Prozent besteuert. Sind ja wichtig für den Grundbedarf.)

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Werde den diesjährigen Bescheid der VGWort einrahmen & überm Schreibtisch aufhängen. Dank der #Urheberrechtsreform werde ich zukünftig deutlich weniger überwiesen bekommen. So viel zum Thema „Diese Reform nützt den Künstlern!!!“ 😡

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