i shaved my legs for the first time in months and nobody will even appreciate the hard work i put in

always fun getting out of context text messages like "oh no i forgot next year is 2021, not 2022" while the first message is still stuck somewhere in bad reception limbo

anyway, i'm all in for skipping 2021

love how on the server there's a folder under /Audio/Music/unsorted/music-unsorted that just has a bunch of mp3s with names like "internet" or "download", but also the soundtrack to amélie and a lot of mr. oizo

fun story: this was a giant crt tv from the 80s. around 40kgs. sold via ebay. some guy came with his wife to pick it up, both me and her offered to help him carry it, he refused, because y'know, strong man and all that. we lived on the 4th floor with a pretty narrow staircase. shortly after we closed the door behind him, we heard a very loud crashing noise form the staircase. we did not investigate further.

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throwback to the time high-end tvs had printer connectors so you could print videotext

Today is #IntersexAwarenessDay and this is really important because there is still to less knowledge about it in our society. So maybe use this day to inform yourself about intersex people and intersex problems.

scanned and cleaned up some technical drawings from old gdr "Jugend und Technik" (youth and technology) magazines, i like this one

made 1,5l of black tea at 11pm. fuck my sleep schedule, i guess (not that i have one right now, that broke some weeks ago)

A few weeks ago there was a feminist street art festival in Munich. Today I finally managed to take pictures. Call me impressed. 1 of I guess 3.

"why is bread not male in german" "i don't know, i didn't come up with this language" "it should be male, bread is male!"

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how i figured out gender is bullshit by the time i was 6:
growing up learning a heavily gendered language with a migrant mother speaking another heavily gendered language and getting into fights like "actually the sun is female in german" "that makes no sense, why would the sun be female? the sun is neutral!" "i don't know why the sun is female, but it is" "no! the sun cannot be female, just look at it!"

with everything being black smd components these days i really start to miss these colourful components

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ok so that is not the reference picture i took years ago that i was looking for, but it is pretty fucking aesthetic i think

Habt ihr Lust, mal was in einem #queer|en Magazin zu veröffentlichen, das absolut #trans* parteilich ist? Das nicht in 'ner Großstadt entstanden ist und queere Themen und Diskurse zu Menschen bringen möchte, egal wo sie wohnen? Das die Stimmen derer veröffentlichen möchte, die im Mainstream ständig untergehen? Und nicht verlangt, dass ihr schon woanders Beiträge veröffentlicht habt?


Dann schaut mal in unseren Aufruf für die nächste Ausgabe rein! :yayblob:

Transfeindlichkeit, Fefe, JKR 

Oh Fefe regt sich jetzt darüber auf das ein Plakat entfernt wurde das JKR verherrlicht. Weil es muss ja wohl noch erlaubt sein Transfeindliche Menschen die bereits Leute in den Suizid getrieben hat zu verherlichen.

Fick dich Fefe 🖕

there are no laptops with com-ports in the pile. what the fuck. there are several laptops with fixed internal floppy drives, but no com-port. what kind of bullshit is this.

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i'm at that point where i'll probably have to leave my bed, go to the hackspace next door, pull some laptop with a com-port from the junk pile and do a fresh install of windows 98 just to make sure it's neither the hardware nor the system

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it's 2020 and i'm currently debugging a software problem in windows 98

where did i go wrong in life

depol, antisemitismus 

"Unbekannte haben erneut die Freiluftausstellung mit Fotos von ehemaligen KZ-Häftlingen beschädigt.
...das Porträt des polnischen Häftlings Tadeusz Kowalski eingeschlagen
...gegen das Porträt des 93-jährigen Andrej Moisenjenko gespuckt, uriniert und getreten
...mit Flugblättern zur derzeitigen Corona-Pandemie beklebt
...Aufkleber mit der Aufschrift "Risikogruppe", die ebenfalls auf die Porträts geklebt wurden"

alles wie immer in : mdr.de/thueringen/mitte-west-t

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