@amolith Hi, your Secluded RSS feeds are using links relative to the base-URL. This doesn't seem to be standard compliant, according to . In my feed reader (Nextcloud News) this results in unclickable links so I can only read the short description and then have to manually visit your (nice) blog and read the article.
Could you consider making the links absolute?

@anoymouserver I'll look into a workaround for the RSS feed but the in-site links are intentionally relative; I intend to make it available over Tor as well and absolute paths wouldn't make for a very good experience.

I might be able to generate two feeds; one for Tor and one for clearnet. We'll see 😉

@amolith I can see why you did it this way. One possible solution would be replacing a placeholder (or an actual host) in the Hugo-generated feed with the requested host. This could be done using e.g. PHP or alternatively the Nginx `sub_filter` with `$host`.

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