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Outstanding report by @emmibevensee
on the current state of the politics of the decentralized web, and many thoughts for the future. Well worth a read.

If algorithms govern part of our lives, then coding is a political act. You can't have one without the other.

Burglary must have been one of the hardest hit economic sectors during the pandemic, since everyone's now staying home all the time.

I would appreciate it if anyone could explain to me how this is different from a backdoor:

Dear Internet,
A woman was arrested in Poland on grounds of blasphemy for displaying this artwork. Hopefully, she will win her case.
Meanwhile, let's spread this image all around the world and remind these motherfuckers what the Streisand effect looks like in action!

Dear presidents of the nine Amazonian countries and to all world leaders that share responsibility for the plundering of our rainforest,

My name is Nemonte Nenquimo. I am a Waorani woman, a mother, and a leader of my people. The Amazon rainforest is my home. I am writing you this letter because the fires are raging still.

I am thinking this may be the inflexion point. We as a society have embraced surveillance capitalism, and in the last 6-ish years, we have started to change our minds. Now may be when this era begins its end.

A wonderful little interview with Rebecca Henderson, on how companies should change how they do business... because it's in their own interest to tackle climate change and social justice.

Universe simulation #27890 had yielded the shortest time between sapient species seeding and their discovery they were living in a simulation, hence the most effective method to find that out. They had achieved this by running universe simulations themselves.

Jacque unsealed the tomb and peered inside. He decided the relics weren't quite priceless enough yet, so he carefully closed it again. With a sound not unlike "buh-doiiing", he was gone.
He was the richest grave robber in history. Undeniably, the time machine helped tremendously.

A simulation of the world's sea beacons, making Earth look like a Christmas tree:

"Jacquelyn Malcolm, chief information officer at the State University of New York’s Buffalo State College, said that if prospective students do not want their Web browsing tracked, they should not visit her school’s website."
Suggestion: fuck yourself.

So yeah, there's a bit of a difference still between the Zucc tracking you, or Mr. Pooh doing it.

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A whole social group of utter dipshits who not only don't understand the value of privacy (which is up to debate), but also don't understand that China is a dictatorship that holds a million people in prison camps (which is not up to debate).

This is curated chaos, and it has beaten the algorithm. 

I've written a short piece on an experiment of mine called Headlines, an attempt to beat the personalized social media feed with a stupidly simple scheme of curated randomness.

I've noticed that simply because I use some basic ass privacy settings that make me inconvenient to track around online, Google frequently assumes that I must be a bot or some shitty hacker. Go fuck yourself, you dystopian monolith

When you think about it, being kinky is an evolutionarily favourable trait.

In the game of life, all species must compete to be the biggest perverts.

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