@deerbard So do you mean just like small websites done by creative people for their own sake?

Twitter has flagged my account as suspicious to anyone visiting it. Since it is an otherwise unremarkable account, most likely it is that my measures to stop trackers are working and Twitter finds this to be "suspicious account activity".
Otherwise put, privacy on Twitter is punished.

Thursday night last was my fortnightly visit to the farm gate with the recycle bins, and I have a lot of very nice photos to show for it: in fact too many to show in just one post.

I went up early to avoid having to do so in the dark and on arriving at the top ridge was met with a brilliant sun, partially hidden behind heavy clouds, creating a very interesting and rapidly changing scene.

#photos #sunsets #clouds #silhouettes

Scenario: Scottish independence succeeds, Scotland joins EU. Wales follows, and the UK dissolves. Since the UK that voted to leave EU no longer exists, each former country in it rejoing the EU separately.
2028: it's as if nothing changed.
Thanks for wasting everyone's time.

Hot Take 

Minecraft 1.7.10 war Peak Modding

One thing I like about Linux is that you can easily run almost any app from all the other computer or mobile OS's.
I know this is only owing to the work of many wonderful programmers who have donated their time, so thank you kind lasses and lads! :)

The reason it's called 'the cutting edge' is because I want to decapitate myself because nothing is working.

I have not had much success getting Matrix to work well with voice calls, or, god forbid, video.
I'm wondering, is it me or is it like that for everyone?

That sounds like a very high amount of work. Are you writing this on your own?

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