Eine Schüssel Mehl
Zwei Kellen Margarine
Eine Prise Liebe
Noch mehr Schokolade
Und Schokolade


former cookie baker
a reckless lawbreaker
instead of a tasty bun
he has 5 mm gun
goes into bank

now he's running
with a bag on his back
he isn't cunning
police is on his track
they got him, his hands are high
just because his cake was dry


What police didn‘t know,
was baker had a foe
But oh!

He had a fetish for dry cake
sadly wasn‘t able to bake,
so he arrived at bakers cell,
to get him out and make him tell,

what’s the secret,
to stop the regret,
when cake‘s not dry?
go add some fries!


from bakers face flowed of tears a stream
right into his sauce pan
"where did you hide the whipped cream?"
shouted the police man

they cuffed him to the table
"now bake you won't be able"
he cried "can't even cook"
wrong guy did they took

they didn't believe it,
the criminal was on the run
he overcame their wit
because the cake wasn't done


To make a long story short,
the criminal had to go to the court.

A little bit too late,
he arrived and made them ate;
one bite and they took the bait.

Now: is he free?
Or is he not?
We will see
or we will stop.

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