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Gestern die Zeit gefunden das Thema "Ursprung des Dionysosmythos" weiter zu bearbeiten.

Meiner Meinung nach symbolisiert eben nicht einen Gott des Weines und der Ausschweifungen als der er zu oft fälschlicherweise dargestellt wird. Das gehört zu seinen Attributen, aber die eigentlich Funktion ist die des . Ein Gott des Umsturzes, der Revolution, des Wandels.

I'm solemny swear I am up to no good.

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California Has Legalized Human Composting

By 2027, Golden State residents will have the choice to turn their bodies into nutrient-rich compost

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Well, if you feel like you want to contribute some inspiration, feel welcome friend. I would like to see a lot of mastodonians to talk about ancient writing systems.

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While reading up inspiring stuff about the cult it came to my mind to write an article about the art of writing and letters in general and celtic writing systems in special. And with celtic I dont refer to in the first place.

Gaulish and leptonic letters are a fascinating subject, also celtiberian letters. It's a shame everyone (including me) is in germanic or dwarven or some medieval stuff, complete ignorant of all the writing system in use in old ages.


...example the germanic and the celtic tribes have similar approaches. I speak of the original four main virtues:

braveness, wisdom, justice and temperance

The christians later added faith, hope and love.

That four capital virtues are in my opinion good tools to travel the path to the higher ideal of human and society. It is a path to become fully human.

Like Humboldt said:

Embracing the whole world to become human.

Maybe that helped him. I hope so. He was very bitter.

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...anthropocentric idea of humanity on a voyage for higher plains.

Nietzsche, that old fellow, had it right although he used other words to distance himself from the childish church. Human is a rope above an abyss between the animal and the superhuman. We are on a road to higher planes.

But maye not only on a anthropocentric way, in my opinion.

The tools to wander that path are given by the ancient greeks, although other cultures like for...

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... Nietzsche says, they go to their chambers, smiling and saying "oh my dear god" and so on.

If you reach the mature phase of belief you can see that god is an ideal, a path to follow.

As it is written in the old testament, he made us in his image. Of course we made god in the first place as an idea greater and better than us and when to follow. And because an ideal it is never reachable.
It is the belief in a higher humanitas, a humanity better and wiser than now. It is a complete...

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As an adolescent you have to handle your doubt. You overthink your belief system and gather new ideas, start to think for yourself.

As an mature being you can face your belief abstract and complex. You just cannot that god kills kitten because of young man masturbating or getting angry about homosexuality because, of course, its nonsense.

Some people dont get over the phase of childhood in their worldviews and believes, some people come from adolescence back to childhood believe, as...

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Yesterday a co-worker and friend of mine told me that the church (hes a lutheranian christ) has burned out his belief in god.

I told him my thoughts about this topic half with a smile and half with a frown.

Nietsches says that there are stages of belief, from childhood over adolescence to maturity.

As a child you belief in a god that is a person, a good father who watches you and that your dead grandma has now wings and sits on a cloud in heaven looking for you.

The shield of , a reconstruction from the of .

It is told by the poet that after the loss of his weapons and armor by the death of by the hand of , received an new armor and new weapons smithed by himself in his forge and handed down to him by his mother .

embracing the whole world.

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By the way. The rune is from the inside. It could also be a blessing for leaving the hearth.

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My Rune over the entrance door must be renewed. I am open for suggestions. Maybe a or a gaulish blessing.
I could do it in leptonic runes. I think it would be extremly pleasant.



I am reading lot about Dionysos, do you know wether we have a interpratio romana about Dionysos/Bacchus?


So, therefore I'm interested in , -theory, and I call my self an , a of my life, for I am sailing on troubled seas, holding my gaze upon my guiding star and trying to reach waters in there the light of truth is brighter and not dimmed, for a naval variant of s .

It is an ideal we all should strive for, following our own guiding star.

Blessed be

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In my opinion, to quote myself

Myth is only a truth, spoken by a poet in the language of the dream.

Paganism itself is more than superstition and false persumptions of how the universe work.
If you understand the language, for it is a language to deal with the universe right. And as for it being a language, to quote :

Language should serve the truth.

That means that is also able to use for the gentle lie of superstition, falsedom and going lost in the universe.

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So tell me, Muse, what are stars in the universe but a emerging pattern of matter within the white noise surrounding us? Is the sun not only a speck of dense matter, not even interesting matter. Nut isn't she, Sulis, not also the giver of life and truth for all beeings on our mother?

Is the word I whisper not just a sequence of moved gas particles and in the same spot a sweet clinging of words reaching out to touch your soul?

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