Anyone here who is in and or culture, not a some kind of lifestyle but as a way to think and live after?

Bin grad am surfen und schau so random in deutsche neuheidnische Chats rein. Man bekommt direkt das Gefühl in die Finsternis zu starren. Das war so nicht der Plan.

Ich bin so müde.

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@N3m0 Haha, that's very kind of you, but I read quite a bit of sci-fi, and my question really is specific to this author.

Unser gestern beim :

"Wir beginnen unser (eine bewegte Trainingsmeditiation) immer mit der linken Hand. "
"Warum Sifu?"
"Die rechte Hand repräsentiert das Ying, das männliche, harte, agressive und angreifende, die linke Hand das Yang, das weibliche, weibliche, fliessende, verteidigende."

Quote of the day:

“What is it that the common people take for knowledge? What do they want when they want “knowledge”? Nothing more than this: Something strange is to be reduced to something familiar.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

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