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There should be a band called:

Two Head To Head

and no one will know if it should be pronounced:

Two head ... to head


Two ... head to head

And still no one takes any notice of me when I tell them to ditch corporate-owned sites.

If 0.68 seconds is nearly an eternity for Data, how would he feel having to sit through a screening of First Contact?

I'm watching First Contact, and Data killed a Borg (Borgian? Borg member? Borg-bot?)

I'm sure the series has dealt with Data's ethics and so on but it came to my attention that he technically killed a human (albeit and ex-human).

It's an interesting thought. Somehow Data must have come to the conclusion that killing Borg-bots is OK.

In films there are few tropes weaker than the character who is new to the world and doesn't know anything that is going on, but then miraculously fully understands the entire world and ends up imparting great wisdom.

There are few things more tedious than a character in a film who doesn't know what's going on and then ends up holding the good guy hostage.


You know, I often refrain from using the word 'toot' because I use a Firefox add on to directly post to the bird site. People their will be confused because they are so innately self absorbed and shallow.

You're so vain ...

You probably think this social media post is about you, 'bout you, 'bout you ...

Perhaps the message of Happy Days is its message about cool: Coolness resides only when other people uphold the myth of cool. The Fonze is an empty shell in which we all project our worship. He is only cool as long as you say he’s cool.

Quite deep that for a 70s sitcom.

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He is also supposedly but we never get to see anything particularly cool about him except a leather jacket, greased hair, and going Eyyyyyy. He even calls himself cool – which is kinda the opposite of cool.

The other thing is that he is supposedly attractive to women but again we never see why. His superpower here seems to be his leather jacket. But there’s something a bit unnerving about the way women jump and act submissive every time he clicks his fingers. Bit creepy that.

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Let’s talk about Fonzie.

So when I said there are some fictional characters we never see prove their reputation, the is one of them.

When first started he was a badass from a biker gang. But when did we ever get to see his badassery? Most of the time he just appears in a room and guys start quaking in their boots and running for their lives. But I’ve never seen him prove his fighting skills.

You should definitely end every online comment with a question of self doubt …

or should you?

Sometimes in works of fiction a character has a reputation but we the reader/viewer never see the character do anything to deserve that reputation.

Like if a character is dangerous or skilful, we are told but we are never shown.

Like that Boris Johnson character. We're always being told he's brilliant but I've never seen anything to support that claim.

Is there a name for the type of who only comments to give insults? They are so tiresome and old fashioned that I think they deserve a sub-section of trolldom of their own.

Your days are numbered! ...

Like they have always been.
You never had infinity days, silly.
I'm not sure why the phrase exists.
Bit pointless really.

On the , if you don't get many responses, you end up being paired with one or two other people who also get few responses.

Then since you see their posts a lot, you respond more and the algorithms see that you spend all your time with the same person for infinity.

It's like a forced marriage.

The internet is the boss of your brain. Why do you think you always come back to it?

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