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Is there a bot bot that just posts stuff other bots post?

And is there a bot's bot that just posts to other bots?

And is there a bot's bot bot that just posts stuff other bots post just to other bots?

I think we all would like to know.

I sometimes send posts with hashtags to the bird site just to mess with them and maybe one day Mastodon the rock band will answer me.


You never know.

OK tell me what gifts I should buy for Christmas:


The cheaper the better.

Unless it's charity or something and then being cheap is not better.


What's the stupidest Christmas present you've bought?



What the world needs is a good two dollar room and a good two dollar broom.

I don't think it necessarily makes Orwell anti-socialism because he criticised authoritarianism. But I accept Orwell was probably more establishment than socialist.

In comments to the thread people mention Animal Farm. Whatever your reading of animal farm is it is very clear at the end of the book that the socialists work the farm animals harder than the capitalist for less pay. I think the message that authoritarianism can create a more oppressive form of capitalism is clear.

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I found this thread on Twitter about George Orwell. The reader app wouldn't unroll it so I got screen grabs.

It's worth a read but it surprises me none. I rarely expect famous creative people to the same political beliefs than me.

The thread is interesting but I do query some of what is being said. Much of 1984 is about imperialism so I don't think it matters whether the ruling system is socialism or capitalism.

Also socialism under the soviets wasn't the ideal so it is fine to criticise that

if you listen to white noise or something similar on youtube & don’t want to support youtube anymore, please check out myNoise. it has 100s of noise and ambient sound generators that you can mix, match, and adjust individual channels for. the whole site is run by one guy who is clearly passionate about his work and meticulous about getting high quality recordings of natural sounds and such, and the website offsets its entire co2 footprint

not an ad just a happy user

A collection of micro-scores for a recording project I'm working on with a friend.

We're each making two recordings of the actions described. Each action has a sync point we'll use to line the recordings up. Once layered & sequenced, they become a score for further instrumental recordings... #theWorkshop

Smashwords has 'erotica controls'.

I think we all want erotica controls.

I've sold a book on Smashwords already, without actually badgering people to buy it.

I feel vulnerable.

Niche jokes exist to disguise the fact they aren't funny.

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