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Did you know you are more susceptible to coronavirus if you use toilet paper?

Ulp! ... Have I said something wrong?

300 cases of grotesque anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory party

Despite rushing to conduct an investigation into Labour's 0.06% antisemitism problem, the EHRC are still outright refusing to investigate this vile Tory bigotry

Investigators found Israeli police shot dead a citizen because he was Palestinian and therefore assumed to be a 'terrorist'. Then doctors and more police left him to bleed to death because they too assumed he was a terrorist.

They questioned those involved. A medic blamed police for not ordering them to treat him, while a senior policeman blamed the victim for not moving sufficiently to alert them that he needed saving.

Another Angry Reblogged Voice

Guardian Shiteweasels gaslighting stupid readers into thinking Starmer is 'Uk's Bernie Sanders'

Bolivian politics / capitalism 

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