Have you ever noticed how FILTHY some posts are? ...

Oh, you have? ...

That's why you're here? ...

Everyday? ...

OK ....

Not quite sure how I got caught up in that toot-cluster ...

I'm currently Sleep Donation.

It's too early to tell whether I like it but so far it's a wee bit explainy.

I do like a that gets on with telling the story. I'm not too keen on generalised prose and background-story filler.

But so far I haven't thrown it out the window so ... it can't be that bad.

Accidentally wrote "email" as "emaul" & kept it. Cuz that's what it feels like these days.

incredibly nerdy music gripe 

When you love that punk or metal album, but cannot stand the fonts selected for the album art...

I want to watch , the Wrath of God again.

I think, now is the time to what that , wouldn't you agree?

@rd Yes. Especially when it's people in public and they are people you are never likely to see again. It's easy to get annoyed with virtually everyone living in a kind of selfish limbo but getting annoyed only puts you in a bad mood and then you feel crappy because of that. So ... best be zen about things.

I saw an advert for WandaVision while the TV was on mute and I think it's a show about a woman having a sexual relationship with one of those models you get of the human body in Biology class - the ones where the parts come off to show the insides.

I could be wrong though.

I wasn't watching that closely.

@rd I try to do the same but it's a lot harder than it sounds. Especially when there are so many stupids out there ...

[Twatty posh voice] Hello, I am Boris Johnson. I'm here to tell you I'm doing an excellent job and our country is one of the best in the world. If you don't believe me read the corporate-owned newspapers, or look at the BBC. They will back me up.

Good night. [End]

I once watched a video from the Natural History museum in which they were hoisting a model of a whale up towards the ceiling. They initially had some trouble because the multiple people were pulling the cables at different times & things were looking unstable.

They eventually solved the problem but one thing they didn't try was a sea shanty to synchronise their efforts. I wish they had because I would really like to see if that low-tech, time-honoured technique would have solved the problem.

@pony Or it's a video still or a photo from continuous shooting.

@craigmaloney Also sea shanties are a way of using music to synchronise many persons' efforts.

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