I find this Einstein quote interesting because it doesn't actually make sense.

The world will be destroyed by people who do nothing but watch? ...

It literally makes no sense unless the destruction is a metaphorical destruction, a destruction of morality ... But then that's not a physical destruction ...

You see, this take makes me more an more turn my back on commentators. There's something woefully obtuse about being on a -owned then somehow expecting it to play fair - as if the platform belongs to the users and there are no terms of use.

It's not wisdom, learning, or information people are turning their backs on when they leave corporate sites. It's the way information is being treated, share, and manipulated.

I originally wanted the left to exodus to but recently I realised that I really do not want that.

I really hope the high profile commentators don't flock over here.

However, because you can't quote-tweet, and because boosts and likes aren't numbered, I think the professional tweeters will be put off. There will be no way to flaunt their popularity.

OK. experts. What do you make of this take?

It's from who is an excellent but is he right when he says Mastodon could succumb to pressures?

I guess any country can censor parts of the web if it wants to but I'm not sure it's fair to say Mastodon is like other owned sites.

In fact much of the 'proof' he provides to support his theories tends to be pieces that are framed in a particular way and easily refuted.

What finally made him turn against much of the left was because the many accounts weren't pushing the he believes in.

Here he is misrepresenting by claiming the words they are quoting are their own words. Also misrepresenting covid safety as 'standing 2 metres apart.'

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So ...

What are site vendors?

And why does the have a million of them?

I don't visit the Guardian much so I never bothered to check their policy thing.

I've seen a few tweets of people giving away in exchange for and retweets. I saw one person giving 5 people $10k for Christmas.

Often they say their motive is humanitarian. However, if it was truly humanitarian I doubt the person would care if you are following them or not.

These things only make me .

For those who couldn't care less about , was used by the centrist members of to destroy and remove any chance of a mildly left wing government.

This article reveals one who, like many others, have abandoned their previous Brexit vows and are now embracing the ruinous deal.

One thing this country needs is for news outlets to actually report of these daily occurrences of hypocrisy and to amplify the message.


Some who make computery-glitch type .


This image by Ste?phane Graff looks very impressive and complex until you realise it's basically an image screen printed onto a row of wooden rods, then the wooden rods are moved about a bit.

Still, very effective

Meanwhile this is what you're missing on the bird site


I know this is a joke but there was a time the working week didn't exist, so it was invented.

And utilised.

By people in power.

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