This is literally what the Bird Site looks like while I scroll down the feed

And still no one takes any notice of me when I tell them to ditch corporate-owned sites.

is excellent for composing posts when you need to get links from various places. The multiple timelines really help.

On the negative side Mastodon's are really old fashioned. So lame. At least on the the trolls have evolved to tribute acts where they pretend to be working in good faith instead up upholding wealth and power.

The Orwell Prize has gone to two . The Guardian was instrumental in the Corbyn anti-semitism smears. Here is one the prize winner's articles smearing the party as a haunt for racists:

You can see here Orwell wasn't such a great person. So for the Orwell prize to go to Guardian journalists is exactly right

I think the lesson here is to not confuse the word Orwellian in its current usage with the man George Orwell

This is kinda interesting.

I do get the feeling sometimes that very intelligent people can be so stupid sometimes. I notice this especially when mass media and communications are an issue.

But I think you have to remember that what you know, they don't necessarily know and vice versa. Everyone's knowledge is limited.

I was reading a blog someone posted about science and it was basically about students not understanding how or why they do research.

So there's this artist who's been removed from the Royal Academy shop because people pointed out her views (see pro-JK Rowling image for example).

I'm seeing lots of outrage on the from people calling this censorship.

What I don't get is I would think would like the breaking of barriers/definitions, which is what art has done for a long time. Self-IDing should be most artist's dream ...

It's strange to see support for rigidity and rules.


That's what pisses me off about creative writing. There are all these rules about character development and plot arcs and whatever, but enjoyable writing doesn't have to do those things.

The thing is I have found nearly every 'classic' but I've read incredibly boring. They do all that development pony and they're still shit.

The idea you are supposed to love the classics is just stupid.

This is the 2nd tweet to me saying the same thing. But I can no longer see the first one in my notifications. The first one said the same thing but was from a different account.

My natural aversion to unsolicited requests to part with my money made me ignore it. I assume it's a scam

You might think this is a picture of a man kicking another man in the face, but it's actually one man gnawing on other man's leg.

employees trying to 'Don't be evil'

I won't post the link because you have to join or subscribe or something. Probably behind a paywall.

From the bird site re vaccination.

I know this comes from a good place and the person saying it is a good person, but there is just a wee bit of inconsistency with the sceptics. One minute they are doubting the covid death figures, then they are amplifying vaccine death figures. Which is it? Do you trust science or not? Whose figures do you trust and whose don't you trust?

I won't RT this because it's a BBC link. Also I'm not interested in it's claim.

It did remind me however of the kinds of one receives from media companies, and often the adverts are aimed at people who aren't your demographic, or who live elsewhere.

I don't believe big companies don't have all the information they need to accurately target , so mis-targeted ads are surely there to rip off the advertiser

It's an interesting thought and I wouldn't put it past any company to do this

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