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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.


Reading random people's interpretations of song lyrics is an act of self-inflected boredom. You keep reading in the hope someone has something valuable to say.


Blah blah blah

Some words on Twitter


Jonathan Cook

"Be ready. Over the coming weeks, more and more journalists are going to sound like North Korea’s press corps, with paeans to “the dear leader” and demands that we trust that he knows best what must be done in our hour of need."

It's a bit bananas people are buying all the alcohol EXCEPT Corona beer.

Pity I don't drink Corona beer.

Another Angry Reblogged Voice

"Time will tell how many thousands he's condemned to death, and how much additional harm he's caused to the UK economy than had he just followed the containment policies of the countries like South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan (social distancing - testing - quarantine - contact tracing)."

@LydiaConwell what the uk was planning was scandalous and scary and well known at the time - here is a long article with some ideas how to control that: - i really hope you manage to ditch that boris idiot - keep safe! we'll get through this!

Ken Loach, Britain's most prominent anti-racist film-maker, has been forced out of judging a school anti-racism competition because of the continuing weaponisation of antisemitism to protect Israel as it intensifies its racist oppression of Palestinians

The truth of the matter is:

No matter how terrible the Matrix movies are, the films would be so much better if the fake computer generated world people are living in was actually a utopia instead of the 90's planet earth.

If living in the matrix was euphoric, that would really test the characters' desire to destroy it.

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