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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.


Right wing twat says something obviously controversial and backwards. Read our articles here, here and here ---->

And now your brain has turned to mush, what else are you going to do today?

So we lately got quite a few signups that are not outright spam but that are commercial advertising accounts - sometimes it looks like personal projects, sometimes these are accounts that advertise some sketchy stuff in their bio - I think about changing our rules and forbidding anything commercial here - non-profit orgs are fine, personal accounts are fine, pushing your patreon link or whatever once a while for your personal project is fine - but we won't offer an account for commercial stuff.

Reactions to my comments on Facebook:

Explaining the need for the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' = 7 likes

Pointing out the Soviet Union was a State Capitalist system = 23 likes

Asking if bikinis are empowering = 24 likes

Also on Twitter:

Jokingly reposting a screenshot of some guy telling UKIP and Brexit party supporters to put an X in both boxes on the ballot paper so the leave vote is not split = bananas reactions from leave fanatics

Sometimes reading a blog post is like listening to a windbag tell and very dull story. You are hooked by the summary post, then once you're on the blog website it's suddenly: 'It all began way back in 1923...'

I really got to stop watching YouTube videos about comic book movies.

I don't even read comic books, let alone watch those cruddy movies.

I just like people critiquing stuff.

What the right wing and the corporate media do when they redefine words is something different to newspeak.

Perhaps we need a word for it, or perhaps one already exists:

lying, framing, gaslighting, etc.

People use Orwell's concept of Newspeak wrong.

They use it to describe the process of re-defining words (which is something that happens all the time in language anyway, whether deliberately used for political advantage or not.)

But actually, Newspeak is the act of eliminating words from language, so there are only a handful of elemental words to chose from. That way, Ideas cannot be expressed because there are no words to express them.


"People find themselves eager to believe smears ... because the raw facts ... punch giant holes in the stories about the kind of world, nation and society that most people have been taught to believe they live in since school age."

Good point, I think.

I think Lou Reed's Transformer is better than any Transformers movie

Transformers the Movie was a load of going here and there and going here again but it was certainly more watchable than that Shia LeBeouf bag of crap.

Incidently my favourite part of that Shia LeBeouf Transformers film was: (Spoken with righteous indignance) "A.K.A. Megatron!"


Also what the hell is the point on Ultra Magnum when he's useless and Hotrod becomes Rodius Magnum or something.

And how the hell do they manage to kill a robot as big as a planet by smashing a few bits inside?


OK. So I watched The Transformers Movie, 1986 (I think) because Hbomberguy did a YouTube video about it.

Now one thing puzzled me. When Hotrod and the old geezer robot where on the junk crap planet, the four-headed (rather cool) ... thing kept saying 'innocent' but that meant 'guilty' and then whoever was on trial was dropped into the robo-shark-invested waters.

What was that all about?

I love Mastodon even though everyone always ignores me and mostly talk about coding or something or anything else I don't understand.

I don't understand much really.

You know, I think 'tooting' is an absolutely fucking ridiculous name for posting a comment.

However, I do enjoy the 'Toot!' button every time I post.


I've never been convinced the Labour antisemitism smears would work. They are there to shame the left, to stop their support for Labour (obviously Corbyn), but as people become wise, and the smear becomes a parody of itself, few people will be shamed by it.

And as for Tory supporters, and anyone else on the extreme right, why would they care about racism in any form? Racism comes naturally to the right. They don't care about these smears. They say much worse both in public and in private.

Mm- I'll just break my jaw chewing this granola.

But at least it's healthy...

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