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I have long legs Yes, you do

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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.


Oh no, not adverts! Ugh, turn them off! So annoying!

Adverts from 20 years ago:

Wow, do you remember that advert? Amazing! So retro! Show me more!

"In reality, though, people were angry at another instance of erasure..." (of being referred to not as white, Latinx, Black, or Asian, but as 'something else') "... which furthered Indigenous invisibility on the national stage when there were so many stories that could have amplified the significance of Native American participation in the election process."

Here is that Orwell thread written up:

Why Orwell wasn't left wing and was a colonialist and possibly a rapist.

It actually makes his work more intriguing to me and makes me want to read 1984 again.

Because perhaps the manipulation and doublethink is the work itself, which was intentionally written to be intangible and deceptive.


Reasons to join

33. It takes only one click to re-toot but two clicks (and possible a scroll) to retweet.

Your finger will wear out twice as fast on Twitter.

In recognition of the Day of Mourning, to counter colonial mythology about early Thanksgivings, we present the story of Metacomet’s War—an ambitious effort to resist the colonial conquest of the so-called Americas.

#StolenLand #Resist

I mean football fans get more enthused by the politics of football than they do about actual politics; when they should realise both are boring as fuck, it's just one is important while the other isn't.

Is surveillance ruining football?

I think football is a game that ruins itself by being so exquisitely dull.

Just another daughter of darkness, darkness
Just another wretched witch entranced
By the voodoo of the living dead

I don't actually know what the terms gen x and gen y and whatever actually mean *don't-tell-me-or-I'll-stick-my-fingers-in-my-ears-and-go-blurble-blurble-blurble-until-you-stop!*

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