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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.

The Bird Site

The 'bird' stands for boooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggg!

The Harry Potter books are a bit boring I think.

But I do dig the films. I think the fact more creative minds worked to create the films means extra dimension were added to the stories.

The final few films are quite good. Those kind of easy-to-watch films you need when you're not in the mood for something new or challenging.

I wonder what the most re-tooted toot says.

Must be darn interesting.

You know the knuckle of your little finger? ...

It that your little knuckle?

Why does that sound rude?

And a lot less sobbing!

The show starts with an interesting father/son relationship in which the father is a manipulative arsehole and the son meek and pliable.

I knew when I watched that this paradigm would not amount to anything - and it didn't. It was the perfect set up to show a sociopathic, manipulative and ambitious person manipulate and abuse a load of kids, forcing them to partake in their war games.

It could have been good: Cruel, yet unavoidable if they were to stop the angels.

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Just awful.

You want to watch an animation about giant robot suits beating the shit out of each other, yet the makers seem to find as many ways as possible to keep the robots OFF the screen!

They then fill the time with people talking in offices.

What I don't understand is: it's not like drawing robots fighting is more expensive/time consuming than drawing people in offices. It's not like live action which is often limited by budget restrictions.

There is no excuse not to have more battles.

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Don't get me started on Neon Genesis. It suffers from the how-do-we-end-this? syndrome. This is quite common in fantasy/science fiction and quite common in anime.

The makers can throw a load of ideas into something but then realise they never really developed strong enough characters to carry off a decent story or decent ending.

Neon Genesis literally ends with a boy sobbing for an entire episode. The subsequent movies were so bad I think I watched half of one.

Did you know the plural of octopus is actually octopodes or octopuses?

Octopi was incorrect but I think popular usage has made it acceptable.

The difference between the bird site and the smaller social media platforms (like Mastodon) is that whether or not anyone responds to your posts is directly proportional to how famous you are (excluding friends/family irl).

It is not egocentric to want replies to your posts; it is precisely the 'social' aspect of this kind of medium.

With the bird site, as soon as you stop responding to other people's posts, the social part evaporates. It is then you realise it never was social.

The problem is polls is you get to vote but you might not be the winner.

How to rig it so you are always the winner?

If I knew the answer to that I'd be ...

Prime Minister ...

I have a few more lemur jumps and all that… but at the end of our walk I saw eight chameleons – I have never seen so many of them. And some of them so close to the trail you could have touched them. Amazing. Somebody said that they all saw each other explaining why the female was so high up, why the first male was saphire blue, the next male was angry red, and so on. Of the nine I didn’t take a picture of the small one that moved away into the shadows. These are all panther chameleons.

This is 25 years ago when Windows 95 was released.

So ... why are they dancing?

Craig Murray

Johnson Intended to Break the Withdrawal Agreement Even Before He Signed It

"If mainstream journalists did the slightest actual journalism, they would have realised this was always Johnson’s plan."

@LydiaConwell And that's acceptable too - life is too short for crappy books!

I'm really struggling!

Some bird site account asked me to participate in some free book reading thing. I get a book to read for free and in return I write a review.

So far, they all sound terrible!

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