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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.

I find a lot of memes difficult to understand.

It's mostly because they reference shit from TV and films that I haven't seen or am likely to see.

It's also because a lot of the memes are just plain shit.

I need to check out the Chicago Research record label.

Is MeWe decentralised?

I never heard of this until now

@LydiaConwell In Switzerland they split into left and right greens because that question has no good answer. Personally, I like the “melon green” – green on the outside, red on the inside.

Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right Iconography and Symbols (Mega Post, boosts welcome) 

Does anyone actually know where the Green Party stand politically?

There appears to be rules about peeing in the shower, but what about taking a shit?

Organizing Fediverse Anthology

DM me poems, short stories, plays, or music and I'll compile it into a zip file with pdf sorted in some thematic order. Deadline is the end of August.

The theme is "worlds on the edge of existence" which I think is fitting.

Please boost.

This is a fantastic article by Caitlin johnstone about propaganda and psychological failings that make people susceptible to propaganda.

This is interesting

A series of BS and ghastly photos of ghastly faces.

(Although it is their disingenuousness that make their faces ghastly)

This is a short story on my new blog:

It's about the future or something. It's called Your Overton Window.

Is it me or have all the radical voices on social media reached a point where they are vying for moderate left politics?

Occupy London once spoke of ending capitalism but now seem mostly content with supporting the current Labour party. I support the Labour party over the fucking Tories but I don't see Labour as the end goal.

You could say Corbyn as leader and all the flak he gets has created a viable left-leaning opportunity - to the point many socialists are becoming content with the banal.

The concept is supposedly about a window of acceptable discourse that comes about democratically via some kind of average belief, but in reality it is the corporate media and PR companies that decide on what is acceptable, deliberately ignoring discourse they do not want to propagate.

I guess it's a bit like the Overton window. The Overton Window is a concept that many people, particularly centrists, would consider to be sensible, focusing on moderate ideas and ignoring extreme ideas.

But people on the left often see the Overton window as a narrow band of a wide and varied spectrum, and it is used only censor valuable debate and focus entirely on a centre/centre-right (or hard right) political stance.

If you have some time to spend, you could read this.

It might be worth reading, I haven't read it yet.

I watched The Doom Generation last night. Definitely Gregg Araki's only good film (not that I've seen them all)

I'm told it's based on some comic book or something. Maybe that is why it's good. All the ideas and story were already there to begin with

Having said that, I love the cinematography which is shady and closely shot, so much of the film is difficult to see clearly. The club scene at the beginning is perfectly shot and could have been shot in a studio or something, not even a real club

Twitter is like a load of politically mind people squabbling amongst themselves.

Is meritocracy a bad thing or good thing? By definition it is good but I often see the term used by the left in a negative way - like the 'merits' are actually wealth and inherited social position so the best positions go to people with those 'merits' rather than actual merits.

I don't know though. Someone tell me what the answer is.

Also do people recommend VPNs and which one?

I'm not very tech-minded. I'm a bit of a simpleton really.

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