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I have long legs Yes, you do

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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.

Happy Sunday Mastodon!

Rose and Violet enjoy their evening scratches as the sun goes down. They are not spoiled at all!

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What's the attraction of Goodreads? Is it because everyone on it reviews books in the hope that one day it will recommend you something you actually want to read?

Black and White mode.

That would be a good addition to real life, wouldn't you say?

'Tis true breaking a mirror equals seven years' bad luck.

We've all broken mirrors. That's why our lives are so shit.

I've finished reading The Sluts.

It was sooooo good. It's kinda puzzling why it's so good, but it is.

It works because it uses a comment-section aesthetic.

(I used the word aesthetic wrong there but it seems to fit what I mean)

What I like about these podcasts is that the music plays at the end while they are still talking. It's like they are being played-off, like at the Oscars. But they are doing it to themselves.

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Yeah, you think you're Bugs Bunny but you're no Bugs Bunny!

You'll never be Bugs Bunny!

This episode of goes into .

I was a bit sketchy about what meritocracy is but now I have a better idea. Although placing value on merits seems like a good thing, the question arises who decides what those merits are?

Former Labour Cabinet Minister, Michael Bassett, is part of a group of conservative, old, white men who are mounting a last ditch effort to save New Zealand from a galloping multiculturalism, where pākehā people are becoming second class citizens and we are all generally doing to the dogs. Last week he had an opinion piece pulled from publication after offending a large number of people. The Spinoff has published a response from another historian, Scott Hamilton.

Fun fact:

Did you know you can literally reply to anything with 'If you say so'.

Try it!

I want to play wizard chess.

Is there such a thing as wizard chess?

It occurred to me the other day the limitations of social media. Social media is like a trap, a huge net, ensnaring all the left wing voices.

Because as soon as you go away from social media ...

those voices are silenced.

The illusion is the left wing voices are feeding into something bigger, spreading discourse.

They are not. They are talking to themselves.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to privacy.

But if you refuse to compromise when it comes to keeping your identity and your data private and under your control — you should #GetSession.

Bonfire night used to be only celebrated on the 5th November but nowadays it goes on for two weeks-ish.

Local councils usually pick a weekend to hold their firework display, regardless of what day of the week the 5th falls on, and members of the public buy fireworks and set them off whenever they damn-well like.

Anyway, Halloween and Bonfire night are not the same thing.

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The Penny For the Guy thing is from Bonfire Night which has probably fallen out of favour a little. I don't think it's as popular as it used to be.

You basically make a Guy Fawkes effigy from old clothes and put it in some trolley or pushchair and go around asking of money.

That part is optional. The real use of the effigy is to burn it on the bonfire. You literally make a human-size effigy so you can watch it burn.

Then you also have fireworks.

And toffee apples are popular at that time.

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Halloween is on the 31st Oct and Bonfire Night is on the 5th of November.

Both days are celebrated but Halloween has long been an overlooked tradition. This could be because Bonfire night was more exciting or it could be because of other things.

In the past the trick or treat thing was often looked at with snobbery, looked down on like it was begging, and this might be a particularly Victorian influence.

However nowadays it is celebrated more and I think the web has a lot to do with it.

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Listening to Civilizations by Justin Podur and David Power. It's a great series and worth listening to. Basically a history of politics and colonialism from the middle ages onward.

But I have to say they didn't get Bonfire Night quite right. It is irrelevant to what they are discussing but I feel Bonfire Night is largely misunderstood.

Power describes Bonfire Night as UK's version of Trick or Treat. It isn't.

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