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I have long legs Yes, you do

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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.

Me: Teh

Spellchecker: Them? | Teach? | Tech?

No, THE goddammit! THE!

Me: Cna

Spellchecker: Scan? | Cane? | Castanet?

No, CAN goddammit! CAN!

You know those moments when you think: When did I even start following this person?

As a community college teacher, I never get tired of telling folks that the Black Panthers got started at a community college, Merritt College in Oakland. Of course, I often say this to remind community college colleagues that we need to be a bit more radical sometimes.


You know what a fun superpower would be?

To be able to completely mute ANY account on the birdsite so no one can read their tweets.

That would be fun.

Windows 10 recently added a news feed to the desktop, full of the usual corporate-owned news articles. I go on YouTube and I'm recommended news channels I've never even watched. It's like every device is trying to get me to watch corporate news.

I love the word garbage. I'm going to look it up now.

I'm sure you'll agree, it would be great to have feathers.

I don't know why people worry about politicians all the time.

They'll be alright. As soon as they leave politics there'll be plenty of corporate opportunities lined up for them.

And if they get to be Prime Minister, they also get paid for life.


That's what pisses me off about creative writing. There are all these rules about character development and plot arcs and whatever, but enjoyable writing doesn't have to do those things.

The thing is I have found nearly every 'classic' but I've read incredibly boring. They do all that development pony and they're still shit.

The idea you are supposed to love the classics is just stupid.

... But if you think about it, the pimps being black makes more sense. Travis Bickle is a racist and there are racist undertones throughout the movie. Also the fact Travis is revered as a hero is precisely the kind of systemic racism that continues in this world today.

I get the pimps being black would be a VERY difficult movie, and probably best avoided lest it be revered by shitty racists all over the world, but part of me prefers that set up. It makes sense and it's what is all about.

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You know, I've watched Taxi Driver a million times and I still don't know if I actually like the movie.

But after watching this review, I kinda want to watch it again.

Did you know that in the original screenplay the pimps were black but they were changed to white because the production company was a bit uneasy about a film where a white guys goes an kills a load of black guys? ...

I'm not too fond of technical when it comes to . Technical language is only useful to describe things in a technical way: to analyse and label

It's a bit like Zappa's 'dancing to architecture' quote. You don't always need to know how things work to be able to use them

It's all fine if you're interested in the workings of things - as I often am - but knowing the difference between a verb and a noun won't make you a better , just better at explaining things about writing

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I find the term 'unreliable narrator' completely meaningless. When would a narrator not introduce their own errors and biases into a story?

I don't understand when you would ever get a reliable narrator.

Maybe it's just the way I view the written word - as being both true and false at the same time. I mean fiction isn't true so it means it's OK to be vague or contradictory. None of it is real. It's all unreliable.

But even the news is unreliable.

How does get his hair cut? With super scissors? A lawnmower or something?

And how does he shave? He should definitely have a beard.

And if you tell me his hair just doesn't grow, you're basically telling me Superman has no pubic hair.

Hmm. Someone on another site said that you should only obey the law if 1) the law makes sense (you'd do it anyway), or 2) the punishment is so great you don't want to risk it.

Following laws for any other reason = herd mentality.

This seems a little bit simplistic and I don't think it is quite right. What do you think?

It comes across to be as a way to encourage a political view then sneer at those who do not adopt it.

The science denial industry has deep roots - tobacco-cancer denial, lead paint/gas denial and other ancestral forms of commercial denial gave birth to modern forms of denial: anti-vax, anti-mask, "stop the steal" and, of course, climate denial.

The denial industry has a well-developed and constantly evolving playbook.


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