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Just got an iPhone to test #XMPP clients for a friend and the #fediverse . Basically everything I need works with #ChatSecure

✔ add contacts
✔ OMEMO with attachments
✔ OMEMO with attachment in MUC
✔ OMEMO works out of the Box with unknown contacts

minor flaws:
✖ still need to enable OMEMO for MUC in settings
✖ can not create MUCs itself, only join

#xmpp #omemo #chatsecure

That's a Workaround, I agree. But the average PC user will wonder why sometime all old messages are no more readable. I think, nobody without a little knowledge about caching or storing data in browsers will expect this.

Auf vor allem auch weil es wohl versucht den von der zu beschränken.

To bad, because looks very nice.
Maybe a stupid question: May it be possible to wrap conversejs in a desktop app? With the ability to ex-import of messages and keys. Electron has bad news in the meantime, are they others?

@jcbrand Many thanx for your work!
It seems in my first tests, that it works fine.

But my problem may be in the limitations of a based

I'm using bowsers always in . So if I've to restart it, of course all cached keys are gone and the messages from beforehand no more can decrypted.
So, a web browser based xmpp omemo chat can
IMHO only be a temporarily use case?

Soweit ich weiß läuft das ohne Zentralserver peer to peer. Innerhalb Deutschlands habe ich im ersten Test keine vernünftige Verbindung bekommen. Bei Verbindungen ins Ausland war es das Beste was ich in den verg. Jahren hatte.

Nice hack!
For a good with enough reserve is important for clean signals. It's a shame that such a brand makes so terrible boards.

Vorbildlich. Habe sowas vergeblich bei der angefragt. Das sollte doch wohl der Mindeststandard sein?

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Recording of Conversations developer Daniel Gultsch on the state of the #xmpp community in 2019 at #froscon

Some takeaways:

1) there is a growing network of people working on a #public federated chat network based on XMPP. There has been a lot of activity in the space in recent years. This activity is partly due to the development sprints, many of which last year have been organized by @pep

2) a bunch of new (and existing) clients continue working on usability (cross platform, consistent UIs, support for mobile, end-to-end encryption). Particularly web clients such as ConverseJS by @jcbrand are promising.

3) A directory to search public discussion channels exists:

4) Ongoing experimentation with what can be built on top of XMPP as a federated protocol by for example @Goffi

5) Conversations for Android has secured funding to implement a Voice / Video calls!

Nicht verkehrt, wenn zwischen dem geistlichen und dem geistigen eine Spanne Zeit liegt :)

I"ve it for a while, but seems that it can't use shared properly

Re: Linux - bald zumindest. 

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