I'm using for years and it works very fine, except under and

@JoergSorge You’ve just confirmed it: Nothing works. Interoperability is a must and XMPP is too loosely defined to guarantee it. The list of clients that actually have the features required for a decent experience is very very short.

@JoergSorge And even those that are on that list are usually too buggy to work well, in addition to the problems with S2S communication over encrypted protocols (which continues not to work reliably, e.g. between Prosody and ejabberd).

@JoergSorge You may not like this but because of the state of client and server implementations for XMPP, I consider it practically worse than IRCv3. If all you use is Conversations and all your servers are well-configured Prosody instances, it works fine. In nearly every other imaginable scenario, IRC is more reliable.

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