Gibt es eigentlich einen tauglichen basierten Dienst?

meint das zu können, aber in meinen Tests funktionierte es nicht durchgängig.

Auch die Bedienung ist für Neulinge m.E. nach nicht selbsterklärend. Eine neue Conversation mit einem eigentlich schon vorhandenen Kontakt anzufangen gelang mir z.B. nicht.


Converse 5.0.0 was recently released and fixes some OMEMO bugs. Perhaps you want to give it another try.

There's still an OMEMO MUC bug, but someone is working on that.

@jcbrand Many thanx for your work!
It seems in my first tests, that it works fine.

But my problem may be in the limitations of a based

I'm using bowsers always in . So if I've to restart it, of course all cached keys are gone and the messages from beforehand no more can decrypted.
So, a web browser based xmpp omemo chat can
IMHO only be a temporarily use case?


OMEMO messages can only be decrypted once by the particular device they were encrypted for.

So either you need to keep those decrypted messages stored in the browser's localStorage cache, or you lose them when your session ends.

You also have a secret key which needs to be kept around, otherwise other devices can't encrypt messages for that particular browser.

So yes, if you want to clear all browser data when you end your session, OMEMO won't work well for you.

To bad, because looks very nice.
Maybe a stupid question: May it be possible to wrap conversejs in a desktop app? With the ability to ex-import of messages and keys. Electron has bad news in the meantime, are they others?

@JoergSorge @jcbrand I suggest to create a dedicated Firefox profile for ConverseJS and maybe a starter that starts this profile

I do that for some web services

That's a Workaround, I agree. But the average PC user will wonder why sometime all old messages are no more readable. I think, nobody without a little knowledge about caching or storing data in browsers will expect this.

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