After 6 months of effort by our talented team of contributors, we are thrilled to announce the immediate release of GNOME 3.32, "Taipei". Please see our release announcement for the comprehensive list of changes.


From the news page
"Switches no longer use the explicit ON and OFF text, instead using color to indicate state."
How about of for people?

@JoergSorge @gnome The switches now show the standard I/O symbols as used in real-world power buttons instead of the on/off text, and a switch's on/off state state is read out by screen readers.

Orca screen reader may have to be hacked to get around this; far better, GNOME devs, Keep the text, or give them the 'checkbox' role?

@JoergSorge @gnome I'm pretty sure that it has no connection to the way screen reader narrates button states

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