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Happy unbirthday, almost everyone! 🥳

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

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WireGuard removed from Google Play Store due to donation link

And apparently, andOTP has also been removed by Google recently due to a donation link.

It's just a page that says you can click this link to support the developers, there is no in-app payment. yet the Google overlord banned them from Play.

This is just pure evil.


Der Rechtsstaat setzt sich durch: Lebensmittelretter sind Kriminelle, die mit der vollen Härte des Gesetzes bestraft werden müssen. #Containern
Via #BrowserBallett


Since people are going on and on, that #Selfhosting is not just running a script, let me clarify this:

Self-hosting is like gardening. Yes, it needs time and love. But mostly for making new stuff or big changes happen. When you do it properly it can boil down to a few minutes a week, as you maybe just need to water your plants in the garden.

It's a hobby, not everyone needs to do it. There are professional services as alternative, but it's nice to share with friends.

Im Wrestling (wie im Larp) ist es wichtig den Gegner gut aussehen zu lassen, nicht sich selbst.

From some of the replies i've gotten, it seems that some think i want to tell people how they should present themselves online. This was never my intention.

It just worries me, that some social media sites (most notably facebook) seem to have been successful in normalizing everyone just using RL names and photos. This has been done not for the benefit of the community, but to make their business model possible.

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postillion, arm-reich-schere 

RT @grauhut: "Was machst du da in deinen Kaffee?"
"Wieso nen das!?"
"Zuckerwürfel müsste ich selbst bezahlen. Das übernimmt die Krankenkasse."

Oh hey, turns out it's even worse; it's more than just #WhatsApp, it's all FB-owned messaging: "Attorney General William P. Barr is set to press @facebook on Friday to create a so-called back door to its end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp ***AND OTHER MESSAGING PLATFORMS***"

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