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Die Prinzen - (Official Video) (VOD)

Music video by Die Prinzen performing Deutschland (Official Video). (C) 2001 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH under exclusive license to BMG Rights Mana...

How do you pronounce GUI? I've always known it to be pronounced gooey since the 1980s

Alright fedi, solve the argument for my wife and I.

How many holes does a straw have?

2021 - GNU get's a DMCA Takedown for publishing 'less', a software that let's you read text on your computer, because you might use it to read pirated content.

A torrent with complete bare repo with all branches packed in a ~165MiB 7z up for a few hours.


neat bodmod / potential body horror? 

Just stumbled onto this on the web, but can't come up with anything relevant with a reverse image search – is this, like, a legit #bodmod you can get done?

google, privacy, e-mail, from :birdsite: 

Google started editing people's e-mails in GSuite, replacing links with a link through

This means that Google will track a click on a link *in e-mail* even if you're using an external client.

I am *guessing* this is under the pretext of phishing protection, but it actually *creates* additional phishing risk for text-only clients, since now all links are links.

#FuckGoogle #privacy

Die Präsenz von Politiker:innen von Bund und Ländern im Fediverse mehrt sich. Es ist nun ein offizielles Konto vom #BfDI auf einer eigenen Instanz unter der Domain des Bundes hinzugekommen. Damit kenne ich folgende Präsenzen:

- Die Landesregierung BW @RegierungBW
- Das private Konto vom BfDI @ulrichkelber
- Das berufliche Konto vom BfDI @bfdi

Das finde ich super, so spielt sich das langsam aber sicher nicht mehr alles auf #Twitter ab.


Während normale Menschen sich im Auge des Sturms von Unsicherheit und Veränderung mühsam daran gewöhnen, gerade mal bis morgen planen zu können, wenn überhaupt, viele sich mit Zukunftsängsten und wirtschaftlichem Abstieg bedroht sehen und unter der Distanz zu leiden beginnen, kommt der selbsterklärte Normalbürger mit Privatjet Merz daher und bemisst die Dimension seiner luxuriös weltentrückten Blasiertheit mit der Äußerung der Sorge, die Menschen könnten sich daran gewöhnen, nicht zu arbeiten.

Google removed K-9 Mail from the Play store with zero notice because the description of the app included alternate spellings of the app name we'd included to work around how bad Play's search is.

The curse: You can permanently destroy and undo the impact of one, but only one of the following.

Windows ecosystem should be considered harmful 

I figured how to create locally shared web printer using #Cups on #RasperryPi in about 5 hours without any understanding about how it works, and the only one device that cannot work with it is a #Windows laptop. It is hard to implement, support and integrate with, because I need to set up samba for it, and I don't like having samba on any machine at all.

It is official for me now

@freemo @khird A lot of hate and aggression is on random websites... So is this the time to ban all browsers? Or shut down the internet as a whole, problems would dissappear. Or create something like Great Chinese Firewall... is this direction world want to choose?

Denkt #heute mal an #Terminator & AI/KI #Technikfolgenabschätzung & folgendes Filmzitat:

„Human decisions are removed from strategic defense.

#Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate.

It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, #August29th.

In a panic, they try to pull the plug“

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