I'm astonished that orgs faced with unionization always seem to choose the "fight to prevent" option. Instead of, you know, voluntarily addressing the issues. If you don't like unions, then make a workplace where the workers are valued, respected, and invited to participate so that they don't need a union to represent their interests

Union-busting gets you unions anyway AND fines on top. It's stupid

when new lines hit your eyes, from two screens, when they ply, that's a moiré

High-waisted bottoms
High, wasted, bottoms

a dev can have a little coffee, as a treat.

"More Americans went to the library last year than to the movies, a new Gallup poll finds"

"Last year, Americans visited the library more than they went to the movies, live sporting events, museums, concerts, amusement parks and casinos, among other activities, according to a Gallup poll released."


I’m really sick of demonizing air travelers. Sure, limiting air travel is important, and if you can reasonably travel using ground based mass transport, you should choose that when you can

But it’s often better (environmentally) to fly than drive a petrol car with one person. And telling someone who gets three days bereavement leave they are bad for flying to the funeral over taking a multi-day train or car trip is shitty in the extreme

On average, a car weighs about 1.3 ton and carries 1.45 passengers, so 0.9 ton per passenger. The N700 Series #Shinkansen weighs 715 tonnes and carries 1323 passengers, so 0.5 ton per passenger. Combined with the lower rolling resistance of steel wheels on steel rail compared to car tires on tarmac (0.002 vs 0.010), the result is that an N700 Shinkansen is almost 10x more energy efficient than a typical automobile. And of course, at 320 km/h, a lot faster too.



on a related note: any recommendations for a decent (and preferably affordable) usb audio interface that works well with linux? firewire seems to have fallen out of fashion...

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I've posted it before but this is as good a time as any to repost this handy diagram which helps you remember which is the anode and which is the cathode (originally by Raphael Abrams)

I've been seeing a few indications that the old-school never really disappeared and may in fact be experiencing a renaissance. It's difficult to find, since the search terms I know mostly find OG stuff from the 80s and 90s

Can anyone help me find more of the current scene?

I have a 4 foot Elmo doll and it has no means of holding itself up. So no matter how you place him, it becomes a whole-ass mood.

Watching Snow White with the kids. As she wakes, I shout "oh no! A Zombie!"

Kids: "no, she's not trying to eat anyone"

Me: "oh. A Lich!"


:-D they're going to be just fine.

I’ve been working in tech for decades. I still learn stuff, misunderstand things, make mistakes, am unaware of some new developments, have to look things up, etc.

Stop being so hard on yourself for what you don’t know that you lose sight of what you DO know

@yogthos This has been screwing libraries for years with electronic resources: the whole point of a library is that it owns copies of content to make freely available to those who wouldn't have access any other way, but now the libraries are sucked into this rental market too so that when budgets are inevitably cut, they can't fall back on the content they already have because they've only been renting it themselves.

the gender neutral form of god/goddess is "theyity"

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