If I have to read one more news article, ad, or social media post that doesn't understand there's a big difference between bacteria and viruses, I may quite literally scream

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2015: „Macht die Grenzen dicht!“

2016: „Macht die Grenzen dicht!“

2017: „Macht die Grenzen dicht!“

2018: „Macht die Grenzen dicht!“

2019: „Macht die Grenzen dicht!“

2020: „Alter, wieso sind die Grenzen dicht? Ich will in den Urlaub fahren!“

See also most other actually marginalised groups.

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Tumblr post by theconcealedweapon
"You'll notice that LGBT pride parades are being cancelled, and LGBT people are not complaining and calling it an injustice.

Meanwhile, Christians are calling it an injustice that churches are being closed, and conservatives are calling it an injustice that stay at home orders exist.

That's because LGBT people actually experience injustices, so they know when an injustice is happening. They face way too many injustices to label everything they don't like as an injustice. And they're not defying social distancing orders to have the parade anyway."]

COVID, Suicide 

I've already lost people to suicide because of fear-mongering, shaming, and misinformation. Please stop it

It's scary, yes. But making it scarier than it needs to be for clicks or clout isn't just inconsiderate: it's killing people

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COVID, Suicide 

Lovely, on the one side you've got the people touting bullshit cures and "the virus isn't that bad, rEoPen!!1!", who are going to kill people by increasing infection rates and directly by fearful folks trying "cures" that are worse than the disease

And on the other, you've got the "you should literally not leave your house, cut off all your social ties, tHerE'S nO iMmuNiTy!!!1!" folks who are killing people by ramping fear and anxiety and keeping people from getting needs met.

Dear people who are organizing an online conference:

In addition to the conference date(s), could you please announce anticipated times, with >>> timezones <<< ?
(Like, before you have an actual program)

That would help me figure out if there's a chance for me to participate during awake hours or not.


the LORD: wow that was a big six days. time to take a break

calvinists: wow, slacking off huh?? you lazy motherfucker

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There are, of course, more security and privacy considerations now. But I think it’s tractable to manage those concerns in a federated hosting model, where admins can keep those spaces manageable

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I like the stuff the Fediverse is collectively creating. It makes sense that the first focus is on dethroning the large walled gardens of the web

But the big missing piece to me is something akin to geocities or angelfire or any of those old cheap/free hosts for simple HTML (and even a little CGI script or two)

Hosting fees and related knowledge are friction for people participating in the open web. We need “home pages” again, where anyone can host arbitrary HTML

Talking about ants, bees, xenomorphs etc with littleun, she always asks how big is the queen. This morning we discussed the knee hole in her jeans - said she's not going to see the queen, she's fine.

Her: "How big is the queen?"
Me: "Like... the queen of England? Elizabeth II?"
Her: "Yeah. How big is the queen? Let's ask the internet."
Protip: if you DuckDuckGo for "How big is the queen" it'll think you're talking about ships. She's 5'4", or when you're talking to a 3-year-old, 163cm.

You'd think with all of *gestures at everything* I'd have time to actually do an embedded or LED project. But with my partner on furlough and others in my community struggling, I'm spending all my time working so I can afford to help.

When this is all over, I'm taking a fucking vacation just so I can do one fun project

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