Hi there Fediverse!
My name is Andreas. I'm a research assistant, teaching philosophy and doing my doctorate on of perception.
I heard about Mastodon on some episodes of my favorite podcasts during the last weeks and months. So, basically I want to check out this place & I hope to get to know a lot of nice and interesting people here.
Besides Pods I also love opinionated music, deep as well as silly conversations, ethics, , kush, creatures, life, the world ...

@Andi_S welcome! it's always good to have more philosophy on mastodon

@Andi_S what aspects of phenomenology of perception are you researching?

@lazarski I'll focus on the sense of smell. the initial question is, what are the intentional objects of olfaction? Most philosophers say they're odors. I wanna argue that they're just usual things. Therefore I'm going to, inter alia, defend a holistic concept of perception as well as the non-technical meaning of 'odor' where it's a perceptual quality, not an object.

@Andi_S That sounds really interesting! I'm not hugely familiar with the literature around phenomenology but it seems that scent is somewhat overlooked in discussions of perception.


@lazarski yes it is, absolutely. And throughout the whole history of philosophy. You can find some remarks here and there. Aristotle for example already highlighted the aesthetic features of scent, Kant on the other hand totally discredited olfaction for having little or nothing to do with reason or even pleasure but only with disgust. But whenever such note occur, they're marginal.

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