Hi there Fediverse!
My name is Andreas. I'm a research assistant, teaching philosophy and doing my doctorate on of perception.
I heard about Mastodon on some episodes of my favorite podcasts during the last weeks and months. So, basically I want to check out this place & I hope to get to know a lot of nice and interesting people here.
Besides Pods I also love opinionated music, deep as well as silly conversations, ethics, , kush, creatures, life, the world ...

@Andi_S welcome! our server is actually at the university in weimar, so it's really local :)


@mt thank you! yeah that's very nice, and it actually was exactly what catched my eyes when I read up on the whole instances thing and browsed through the list... saw "bau-ha.us" - thought "could it be?" - read "weimar" - thought "oh cool, it is!" - read your heart-warming rules - thought "gotta try this" ;-D

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